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You are the Hope

Ever since he separated from his wife twenty years before, George Sandford, an important New York attorney, has deeply missed his son's presence in his life. In the meantime Jonathan has become a brilliant doctor who has discovered the cure for cancer, but his invention is then stolen by professor Ryder, head physician at the hospital where they both work, who is claiming credit for the discovery. Jonathan, who had fortunately patented his cure, decides to take professor Ryder to court, who in turn addresses George's law office for assistance. George, who had then also left his second wife and was recovering from a severe bout of depression that had led to alcohol abuse, decides to try and regain control of himself and return to work. As soon as he reaches the office he discovers Jonathan's case file on his desk and he sees his opportunity... - read more!

Like Brothers - The story of a special adoption

Giuseppe, a decent boy with a middle class background, lives in a small village in the countryside. Because of the job, the father aims to move in a bigger city together with the entire family. One evening, Giuseppe , without parents knowledge, went out adventuring in the nearby streets. Suddenly a goon squad assault the boy and to rescue him , Claudio comes , a slightly older guy who defends Giuseppe and put the aggressors to flight. Giuseppe is thankful and promised to his new friend that they will meet each other again. Not long time after, Claudio, who doesn’t have the same well- off family situation as Giuseppe, loses his parents and as a consequence, he is sent to a foster home waiting for an adoption. Knowing that , Giuseppe asks... - read more!

Little Mattia and his journey in the time machine

It is Christmas Eve. Mattia, a small boy of eight years old, is ill in bed with influenza and waiting to celebrate the festivity with his parents and relatives. After dinner Mattia returns to his bed, and before falling asleep listens to his father tell him a story. It is all about Andrew, a boy of his own age who lived one hundred years before him. Andrew suffers from an incurable illness. To get better he would need penicillin which did not exist then. Mattia listens to the interesting story and feels sorry for such an unfortunate little boy, not only because his life is at risk, but also because he and his family have been abandoned by his father. Seeing him suddenly overcome with fatigue, Mattia’s father decides to let him sleep. Then, just as he is about to fall asleep, Father Christmas appears... - read more!
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About Us

AIDIF editore was born within the Avvocatura Italiana per i Diritti delle Famiglie, first with the initial intent of providing books to their members in ebook format, much easier and faster to distribute than traditional paper books.

Along with the idea of publishing books, realization and legal space is the idea of publishing a fiction writer. The final push in undertaking a specialization in electronic publishing or digital, is derived from the transformation of the publishing market, anchored in past years only and only to the print book and instead developed in recent years with great strides, in electronic environment. This important transformation has been facilitated by several factors, including: the spread, growing, reading devices (tablet, ebook reader, smartphone, etc.)., ease of reading the book in this format as opposed to the paper, the opportunity to buy many books that it was necessary order in the library (if you were lucky to find them), and being able to get anywhere in the world you are (think of the fact that a person who lives in Australia can buy with a few clicks on your tablet computer or a book by an author from another country far away, without having to move house). The distribution of the printed book, moreover, already faces significant obstacles in their own country and when an author wants to expand in other states other than their own, which does not happen with the book in electronic format. AIDIF intends, therefore, allow authors to publish their work, realizing it, for the author, in ebook format (pdf, epub., etc...) and inserting it in different national and world circuits editorial, better known, so that be able to learn about their work in their own country and abroad, without incurring excessive costs of production and the limits of their book in print.

How to Contact us: +39 392 7437896 A.I.DI.F Information via Salaria 53, Rome - 00198 Italy


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